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Punjeeri Production founded by Sanjeev Bhanot Boparai and Rajesh Bawa. Punjeeri Production was incorporated in 2014. Making a strong start with singer Rupali's first single track "GAL SUN CHALLEYA".

Today, the company occupies a dominant space in the PUNJABI content creation space with all competent industries associates . The company has also evolved with the times and significantly corporatized itself, bringing in experienced professional team for driving the future strategic direction of the company.

The Line of Fire for any Business lies in the onus taken by the people who manage the firm with impeccable confidence about the activities which make or break an Event. Our posse of events has been the toast of the city. This is what we take into the future with a fist of stiff beliefs that, once a customer need not necessarily be a customer - they need to be kept on the edge of excitement always, so, every event is a learning process for all of us at Punjeeri Production. We successfullt organised a live concert of the living legend Punjabi singer "Gurdas Mann" in glasgow and we are looking forward for more may of this kind of events.


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